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How do I cancel my order?

Generally, orders cannot be cancelled once the online payment has been made by you.

However, you may opt to cancel the item/order anytime before checking out & making the online payment. You can also shuffle between items selected & their quantities on the "My Cart" page before checking out for payment.

The customer has to accept delivery of order once the online payment is made & order is dispatched by us.

How do I return an item purchased on ?

Generally, goods sold once by us are not taken back unless they are covered under the "returnable" criteria defined on this page.

Returns for items covered under "returnable" criteria, are easy. Contact Us to initiate a return. You will receive a email explaining the process, once you have initiated a return.
You can return the item through a third-party courier service. Return fees are borne by

What is the "Returnable" criteria?

Any product purchased on can be returnable only if it is covered under the "returnable" criteria as defined below:

"Returnable" criteria means:

  1. The seal of the product packet is found open before it is delivered by the courier to the customer.
  2. The product packet is found broken before it is delivered by the courier to the customer.
  3. The product delivered is not as per the order placed by you.
  4. The product packet has improper details printed on it such as wrong/mismatch of Product Name, Net Weight or has improper Packed On Date, Best Before Date, improper/non printing of FSSAI license no. on the product's outer packet or the product has expired / crossed its expiry date.
  5. Return request is made outside the specified time frame.
  6. Anything is missing from the package you have received including price tags, labels, original packing, freebies etc.
  7. Product is damaged due to misuse or mishandling or incidental damage.
  8. Product is consumed & used by opening the packet.
  9. Product is tampered in any manner
  10. Product without a proper invoice.

Note: Change in packaging material shall not be covered under the above criteria since due to introduction of new product designs & continuous innovation by our team it is possible that the product delivered to you may have a new outer package look compared to the one regularly received by you in the past or as regularly seen by you in old packing material. Generally, has a policy of finishing old packaging material inventory first, before the introduction of new packaging design in the market.

Important: Products purchased on cannot be returned by the customer unless everything is fine with the product & unless it is not covered under the above "returnable" criteria.

How long will it take to resolve the product return request?

Generally, it depends on the time taken by your selected courier agency (which also includes holidays & non-working days etc) to pick up and deliver the product back to us and also on the time required by us to process your return request. It may take a maximum of 30 days to resolve the product return request.

Will my product be replaced in case of any defect found in the product?

In case of any genuine defect found in the product like extraneous matter inside the packet, will replace the entire product for you free of cost. However, this is subject to the fact that the packet is not found open. takes no responsibility and shall have no liability to replace the product if the packet is found opened and/or tampered with in any manner.

What is my responsibility at the time of accepting delivery of the product?

As a alert buyer you are requested to check that the product is not damaged in any manner from outside at the time of accepting delivery & get 100% satisfied with the product in order to avoid any disputes or problems after delivery.

What is my first point of contact for any defective product received by me?

You don't have to rush anywhere. We at "" shall always be your first & last point of contact for any query related to the products. We are always here for you. You must straightaway email us your query at, the photograph, invoice details & product details to our team to enable them to identify the defect and resolve your query. Our team will resolve your query at the fastest possible time.

What if I receive no response for email sent by me for any product related query?

It might be possible that your email bypassed our inbox and landed into spam. However, if you do not receive a response for your query within 48 working hours, you can immediately call us at our Customer Care Number 022-28488262 between 10am to 5pm on all working days (except Sundays & holidays) and give the reference of your email query or write to us through our contact us page.